test Baseline Survey of the Lower Xingu River Rapids, Brazil:
a Highly Diverse, Globally Unique, and Immediately Imperiled Ecosystem.

Homepage of iXingu Project website with active links to:

Project permits

Clearing house of documents authorizing the iXingu Project's collaborative work in Brazil (e.g., CNPq, MMA-ICMBio-SISBIO, MCTI) with suggestions on how to properly prepare and obtain such documents. Also includes examples of letters of invitation from US PIs to foreign collaborators.

Shipping & Customs

Documentation and instructions for exporting specimens from Brazil and importing specimens into the US. Includes explicit instructions for shipping biological material to Brazil.

Visas for Brazil

Instructions for obtaining Temporary Visa I (Vitem I) needed for US & Canadian scientists to participate in collaborative fieldwork in Brazil. Includes instructions for registering with Federal Police upon entry via Temporary Visa I.

Visas for US Instructions for obtaining J-1 Visa needed for Brazilians to visit US.

Drexel docs

Documents associated with the Animal Use and Care Committee of Drexel University.

Outreach & Media

Public outreach activities including links to Facebook posts and popular print articles.

Fish Photography

Various tips for photographing fishes including links to products.


Published studies involving the aquatic fauna of the rio Xingu. Includes studies supported by and/or relevant to the iXingu Project.

Partners Outside projects and initiatives to which the iXingu Project has contributed data.
Equipment & Supplies

List of equipment & supplies typically used in the field and lab for collecting, shipping, accessioning and studying fish specimens. Includes vendors, pricing and comments on items.

Research List of proposed, ongoing and published studies related to the iXingu Project.

Various publications relevant to Xingu studies, including historical timeline for Belo Monte