Sabaj, M.H. 2016. ASIH 100th Anniversary Slide Show. Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, New Orleans, Louisiana, 8 July 2016.

165 slides document the history of ASIH from the birth of its journal, Copeia, to the local hosts for the Centennial meeting in New Orleans. Slides feature images of 118 ichthyologists and herpetologists who advanced the Society, and are arranged by the date of their first publications in Copeia. Included are all recipients of the Society's major awards through 2015.

Run time 40 minutes. New Orleans showing accompanied by music by Miles Davis (Bitches Brew).

Powerpoint file (365.6 MB). Download
Excel list of slides. Download

Acknowledgments: For sharing suggestions and images, thanks to Gloria Arratia, Aaron Bauer, José Birindelli, Jeff Boundy, Mollie Cashner, Prosanta Chakrabarty, Michael Douglas, Patrick Gregory, Eric Hilton, Erling Holm, John Lundberg, Bill Matthews, Joseph Mitchell, Henry Mushinsky, Larry Page, Kyle Piller, Brad Shaffer, David Smith, David Wake and Mary White. Special thanks to Brooks M. Burr for sharing his collection of 35mm slides featuring ichthyologists past and present, and to Mary E. Brown for carefully digitizing and annotating the slides.


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