The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Entomology Collection Storage Renovation

May 29 ‐ October 12, 2012

First Cabinet Delivery, May 29, 2012, 3 AM

Load First Delivery of 40 Cabinets

Load Cabinets

Stage 27 Cabinets in the Changing Exhibits Space

Begin Transfer of Collection to Staged Cabinets

Several Ranges of the Collection Transferred

Dismantle Compactorized Shelving System

Collection Protection during Dismantling

Dismantle old Compactorized Shelving

Dismantling of old Compactorized Shelving Continues

Recycle Compactor Wood & Shelving

Recycle Compactor Wood & Shelving

Recycled Shelving goes to the Simeone Automobile Museum of Philadelphia for their Automotive Library

Recycle Iron Compactor Carriages

Add "Sleepers", Wood Strips so Decking can be installed

Install Decking to prepare for the new Floor Tile

Tile the East half of the Compactor Deck

Finalize the Leveling of the Rail System

Install the new Cabinet Carriages in the Compactor's East half

Begin Cabinet Installation

East Section Cabinet Installation

East Section of Compactor nears Completion

New East Section complete & contrasts to the old West Section of the Compactor

Completed Cabinetry in the East Section up and running

Dismantling Shelves on the West side underway

West side Compactor dismantled

West section tile removed

August 30 - Preparation to add new decking uncovers a concealed "trap door" in the west section floor.

The trap door in the floor of the west compactor section shown with one of two rails spanning it.

In a third floor office immediately below Entomology,
a second trap door is visible, making it likely that materials were hoisted between floors historically.

Removing the office ceiling tile revealed that the trap door was stiffened from underneath by two 4 x 4's.

The West Compactor section was redecked but the decking over the trap door was not secured (visible as the 3 sheets of lighter plywood).

The West section was tiled (except for the decking over the trap door) and the cabinet carriages were assembled.

September 28 - The Entomology Renovation remains on hold while a tubular steel reinforcement is discussed, manufactured and installed below the trap door.