Joining the Lab

Undergraduate Students

We often have opportunities for motivated undergraduate students to work in the lab, collection, or field. If you are interested in Ornithology, avian systematics, avian host-parasite coevolutionary history, or parasitology and are excited to work on a research project please contact me (jdw342[at]

Graduate Students

We are interested in hearing from bright, motivated students who are serious about ornithology, avian systematics and evolution, and host-parasite coevolution. We expect graduate students to contribute to the collections at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, either through their own projects or participation in museum collecting efforts. Students with relevant previous research experience will have an advantage. Graduate students in our lab are admitted through Drexel's Biodiversity, Earth, and Environmental Sciences Department, where I am a faculty member.

Post Doctoral Researchers

I encourage potential postdocs to contact me directly to discuss opportunities in the lab.